reservations recommended:

Availability for all of our services are limited so it is best to call ahead to make reservations.  We will always do our best to accommodate short notice requests as well.

what to wear:

Wear clothing that can get wet because you probably will.  Some type of water shoes are recommended to protect your feet.  Sun protective clothing and Sun Block lotions are the best option to keep you from getting fried.

THE SHORT LIST:  Swimwear, Sunblock

THE LONG LIST: Hat, Sunglasses, Water shoes, Sun protective shirt/pants.

what to Bring:

What you will want to bring on a paddling trip will depend on several factors such as how long you will be out, what time of day, and the area you will be paddling. To avoid dehydration always drink lots of water while paddling. Keep in mind that anything you bring could get wet.  We can supply you with a dry bag if needed*.

THE SHORT LIST:  Water and a snack

THE LONG LIST: Water, Food, Sunblock, Cell phone, Camera, Fishing Tackle, Insect Repellant, Flashlight, First-aid kit, Toys for the kids, Change of clothes, Towel...


rates for both:

Kayak and all gear included

2 Hours Private             $60

2 Hours for 2+ paddlers $40 each

4 Hours Private             $80

4 Hours for 2+ paddlers $60 each

byob tours / lessons

Bring Your Own Boat (2 Hour Min)

Private                $20/Hour

2+ Paddlers        $15/Hour Each

guided tOURS:

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Paddle some of our local waters with an experienced guide.  Bring an open mind,and a good attitude,  RELAX and we'll take care of the rest. 


Our lessons focus on teaching you the basics as well as exposing you to more advanced skills.  We cover: holding the paddle properly, getting in and out of the kayak, proper posture, forward stroke, sweep stroke, rudders, draw strokes, and more. 


Do both on one outing.  It's your show.


​Call for a reservation or info

24 Hours   $50

3 Days:     $100

7 Days:     $150 Need more days? $15/Day BEGINNERS:

Although paddle boarding is pretty easy in calm conditions, wind and chop can make it quiet difficult to get back to shore. Always learn and practice in protected waters and always wear your PFD.

Kayak tours

and Lessons

Our tours and lessons are a great way to a learn more about paddling and our waterways.

sup rentals

Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP) is just plain fun for any age.  Small kids can even ride on the front with Mom or Dad. Its easier that you might think.


Tours and lesson have been temporarily suspended.  Hoping to resume in 2022 

Stop for a break on one of the Islands while paddling the St Lucie Inlet area in Stuart, FL

Kayak rentals

We specialize in weekly kayak rentals.  Whether you are living on the water or just want to explore the area while on vacation, we have great weekly rates and deliver to you.

single kayaks

Call for a reservation or info

24 Hours: $50

3 days:     $100

7 Days:    $150  Need more days? $15/Day

TAnDEM  kayak

Call for a reservation or info

24 Hours: $80

3 Days:    $150

7 Days:    $200  Need more days? $20/day

We deliver: 

We can usually deliver and your rentals to you at your home on at a local launch site.  There is generally no charge for this service on South end of Hutchinson Island and the Jensen Beach area.

Want to pick 'em up?:

To pick up kayaks, we require that you have a pick up truck with a large enough bed or a car with good roof racks that can carry kayaks securely. Going Fishing?  Want to be on the water early in the morning? Just pick up your rentals the evening before.

Try before you buy:

Thinking of buying a kayak?  Our rental credit program makes it easy.  We will credit all or part of your rental fees toward purchase.

CONDITIONS: Purchase must be within 60 days of rental.  Credit not to exceed 10% of purchase price including accessories.

our Rental kayaks:

These are Perception Tribe 11.5 single and 13.5 tandem sit-on-top kayaks with high back seats,  Werner paddles and comfy Astral PFDs.  Weight capacity for singles is 350 lbs. but we recommend it for paddlers up to about 200 lbs. or so.  The Tandem will easily handle two adults and maybe even a kid too. This type of kayak will not fill with water or sink if you happen to go over.  Just climb back in and paddle.

We do have a few other kayaks to rent upon request.  Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best.