The osprey

Our Osprey logo is a reminder of the grace and freedom of paddling on the water.  Ospreys are our constant companions on the water; and better fishermen than most of us.

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is a small, family owned, company dedicated to water sports products and services for all ages and abilities that are fun, healthy, and leave little or no imprint on our environment.

Hi, we are Kristen, Ted, Tiffany, and Macy, Many of you have known us as the owners of "Island Water Sports" for almost twenty years.  We love experiencing nature, paddling, fishing, surfing, and fun on the water with friends and family.

About us


paddle like a "native":

It's not just a name. It's a way of life.

The name of our company was inspired by the American natives that built and used canoes and kayaks for hunting, fishing, and transportation.   We feel that the connection they had with nature is an important part of the water sports experience.  In that spirit, we have created a business that uses little resources, is virtually paperless, and we are proud to say that we reduce, reuse, and recycle on a daily basis.  Naturally, the use of the kayaks, paddleboards, and other products we sell leave little or no imprint on the environment. 

Native water sports

new store / long history:

"Native is owned and operated by Kristen and Ted Nielander. 

As a "Florida Native",  I grew up on the water.  Countless hours were spent fishing, sailing, canoeing, water skiing, surfing, and snorkeling.  In 1988 I quit my job to work at the local surf shop, Island Water Sports in Deerfield Beach, as did Kristen not long after.  In 1991 I found myself crossing the country to California with my canoe, surf board, and fishing poles in search of the my next career as a sales rep.  This eventually led me to Island Water Sports Surf Shop in Jensen Beach which I purchased in 1993.  Kristen and I  operated the surf shop for 18 years and our kids practically grew up there.  Then things changed.   In 2004 I discovered kayaking and in 2005 the surf shop was destroyed by Hurricane Wilma.  The new locations had extra space and we began selling and renting kayaks and paddleboards but times were pretty tough.  Eventually we were forced to close the business. 

Native Water Sports was founded in 2012 with a new concept: keep it simple, and keep it fun.  We started with little more than a warehouse, some kayaks, paddles, and a dream.  We have certainly grown since that first summer, including the re-introduction of paddle boards.  We now also have a great selection of services and accessories.    Visit our store and you will see how we keep it simple.  Join us on the water for a paddle, demo, or lesson and help us keep it fun.

See you on the water,