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The Hurricane sit inside models are offered in multiple sizes and a tandem version and is one of the most popular recreational sit in kayaks on the market as well as one of the lightest.  It features a stable, efficient hull and a large cockpit. These are the perfect introduction to kayaking due to a great price and easy handling on and off the water.


As the leading brand of inflatable paddle boards, Red Paddle Co offers the most durable and the best paddling ISUP's available on the market today.  Inflatable paddle boards offer the consumer a board that is easy to store and transport making it a great option if you live in a condo or apartment.  Naturally, no roof rack is needed for transportation.  Because they are inherently tough, they are also ideal for families and taking out on the boat.

Demos are available by appointment

Crescent Kayaks offer open concept sit on tops that are ideal for many activities like fishing, camping, family fun or just taking a lazy paddle with your pup.
We stock several models including the Crescent Crew Tandem pictured above.  The is a #1 seller due to it's versatility for the whole family.



We carry products that we feel offer quality and value to the customer. Not gimmicks and hype, but functional, durable products that work.  We carefully select kayaks, paddles, PFDs, and accessories based on brand reputation and personal experience.  

Personal Service is just the way we do things.  Because we are a small company we can spend the time to answer your questions and walk you through the process.  We understand that not every customer has the same needs and we strive to put together a package that fits you. Special orders and custom rigging are no problem. 

Our Product Knowledge comes from over 50 years on the water and over 35 years in the water sports business. We believe this is an important part of our service. We are always searching for  new and better products and in most cases, we test the stuff ourselves.

Free Delivery to your home is just another way we make it easy on you.

A Free Paddling Lesson is available with the purchase of any new kayak or SUP.

Rental Credit means you can try before you buy.   We will credit all or part of any rental fees from the price of your new kayak or SUP. (limitations apply)

Even if you don't buy a kayak from us, Support your local paddling shops. The big box stores usually can't offer any of the benefits mentioned above.  You may be able to save a few bucks today but Craig's List is full of "mistakes". 

Happy paddling,
Kristen and Ted Nielander, Owners

We carry new and used kayaks for fishing, fitness, touring, & exploring.  
We also offer  the best accessories to make your paddling safer and more comfortable.  


safely Transport kayaks, Sups, bikes, surfboards & more. We have years of experience to help you to choose & install a roof rack system or trailer that will work best for your needs.

standup paddle boards (Sups) are just plain fun.  the sport is growing like crazy because anyone can do it.  Surf or flat water it is a great core workout.  even bring your fishing pole, dog, or child.

Why purchase A kayak OR SUP from us?

As the worlds leading brand of paddle boards, Starboard designs and builds a board for just about any type of paddler.  Whether you are into recreational cruising, touring, surfing, or racing, they have a board for you.  We stock rigid and inflatable Starboard paddle boards.  

Demos are available by appointment

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Why paddlE?

The Hurricane Skimmer Sit On Top is offered in three sizes and a tandem version.  At only 39 pounds the 10'6" Skimmer is one of the lightest sit on top kayaks available.  This family is one of our most popular due to the light weight but they are also some of the best paddling sit on tops in the recreational class. 


We work hard to the help you find the perfect kayak for your needs so we usually stock 75-100 kayaks and paddleboards.  Our shopping page is a good way to get familiar with some of our brands and models but we truthfully can't keep up with the website. Your best bet to learn more is to give us a call and set up time to visit us at the shop. 

The Native Watercraft offers hands free fishing with Propel Drive on many different kayak models from 10 - 13.5 feet to fit you and your needs
The Propel Pedal Drive is a highly acclaimed and revolutionary system that allows users to go further and explore more than ever before. The instant reverse capability enables users to easily slow down, stop, or back up in tight spots.  Native Watercraft's proven and durable Propel Drive System has become more affordable than ever in the Manta Ray 12 Propel model at only $1599.  We now have the long awaited Slayer Propel Max 12.5 in stock.



TheViking Profish Reload is a performance kayak specializing in kayak fishing with its numerous features and additional accessories for managing tackle and gear, improving comfort, and maintaining speed. The design of the Profish Reload bow provides unmatched levels of lift – styled off of the typical New Zealand paddling kayak design – which allows the 14’8” 68 pound kayak to consistently perform well in both tough offshore and inshore conditions.

Demos available by appointment.


We paddle for lots of reasons but mostly because it's fun.  No matter what kind of paddling you do there is something special about being out  on the water.  Peoples reasons are as varied as the craft they paddle.  

Fishing from a kayak has lots of advantages.  It allows the angler easy access to places where powerboats can't go and no fuel bill.  They can be very stealthy for those who like to site fish in shallow water.  When fighting fish you are just that much closer to the action.   Most of us prefer Sit On Tops for fishing.

The fitness part of paddling doesn't even have to be intentional.   Most paddlers will benefit from those calorie burning stokes while they fish, tour, explore, and have fun.  If you are more of the fitness type paddler, you probably want a sleeker kayak or SUP with more glide.

Surfing and whitewater paddling in a kayak is a quite a rush and probably the hardest type of paddling to get good at.  There are a few kayaks made for surfing and lots made for whitewater. 

Touring in a kayak is like hiking without all that heavy stuff on your back.  Take the day off (or a week), bring enough food and supplies and hit the water.  The longer the trips the longer the boat because they hold more gear and eat up the miles with less effort..

Exploring is for everyone. There are tons of places to paddle and explore on the Treasure Coast.  Take the time to see some new ones.  

Fun with family and friends Go fishing at dawn with the boys, take the kids out for a picnic on an island, Go on a paddling trip with a buddy or your local kayak club.  It is all possible from a kayak or paddle board.  Just get out there and the fun will meet you on the water.