The $899 the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 package includes a basic paddle and a rudder making it one of the best values available in a fishing kayak.  Whether you are new to kayak fishing or a seasoned old salt, this kayak delivers the features you need:

COMFORT  - High/Low frame seat (think beach chair) keeps you dry and comfy for those long days on the water. Easily removed for storage and transport or use it as a beach chair on your favorite sand bar.

CAPACITY - At 13' x 33" and with a max capacity of 550 lbs this boat handles even the big guys and all the gear you may want to bring.

STORAGE - Three generous sized hatches and tankwell will hold all your gear and most of it will be within arms reach.

FISHABILITY - This kayak comes from the factory with 2 flush mount rod  holders, 4 gear tracks, Center console, Hi/Low seat, Rudder, and recessed mounting plate for a fish finder transducer

WE GOT OPTIONS - Werner paddle upgrades and angler accessories from Yak Attack, Scotty, Ram and Sealect. Too many others to mention.


At only 38 lbs  the Eddyline Sandpiper is one of our most popular kayaks.  It features a stable, efficient hull and a large cockpit.  With 15 different models to choose from, there is a perfect Eddyline for you.

The new C135 Strato Fisher offers the ultimate in comfort and stability. The removable high low seat has 5 positions including flipped up for standing.  There is a long list of custom options as well as a fully decked out "YakAttack Edition".  At 69 lbs it is the lightest kayak in this class. To see more about this kayak click here.

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Why paddlE?


We paddle for lots of reasons but mostly because it's fun.  No matter what kind of paddling you do there is something special about being out  on the water.  Peoples reasons are as varied as the craft they paddle.  

Fishing from a kayak has lots of advantages.  It allows the angler easy
access to places where powerboats can't go, and no fuel bill.  They can be very stealthy for those who like to site fish in shallow water.  When fighting fish you are just that much closer to the action.   Most of us prefer Sit On Tops for fishing.

The fitness part of paddling doesn't even have to be intentional.   Most paddlers will benefit from those calorie burning stokes while they fish, tour, explore, and have fun.  If you are more of the fitness type paddler, you probably want a sleeker kayak or SUP with more glide.

Surfing and white water paddling in a kayak is a quite a rush and probably the hardest type of paddling to get good at.  There are a few kayaks made for surfing and lots made for whitewater. 

Touring in a kayak is like hiking without all that heavy stuff on your back.  Take the day off (or a week), bring enough food and supplies and hit the water.  The longer the trips the longer the boat because they hold more gear and eat up the miles with less effort..

Exploring is for everyone. There are tons of places to paddle and explore on the Treasure Coast.  Take the time to see some new ones.  

Fun with family and friends Go fishing at dawn with the boys, take the kids out for a picnic on an island, Go on a paddling trip with a buddy or your local kayak club.  It is all possible from a kayak or paddle board.  Just get out there and the fun will meet you on the water.


safely Transport kayaks, Sups, bikes, surfboards & more. We have years of experience to help you to choose & install a roof rack system or trailer that will work best for your needs.

standup paddle boards (Sups) are just plain fun.  the sport is growing like crazy because anyone can do it.  Surf or flat water it is a great core workout.  even bring your fishing pole, dog, or child.

Why purchase A kayak OR SUP from us?


We carry products that we feel offer quality and value to the customer. Not gimmicks and hype, but functional, durable products that work.  We carefully select kayaks, paddles, PFDs, and accessories based on brand reputation and personal experience.  

Personal Service is just the way we do things.  Because we are a small company we can spend the time to answer your questions and walk you through the process.  We understand that not every customer has the same needs and we strive to put together a package that fits you. Special orders and custom rigging are no problem. 

Our Product Knowledge comes from over 40 years on the water and over 25 years in the water sports business. We believe this is an important part of our service. We are always searching for  new and better products and in most cases, we test the stuff ourselves.

Free Delivery to your home is just another way we make it easy on you.

A Free Paddling Lesson is available (and recommended) with the purchase of any new kayak or SUP.

Rental Credit means you can try before you buy.   We will credit all or part of any rental fees from the price of your new kayak or SUP. (limitations apply)

Even if you don't buy a kayak from us, Support your local paddling shops. The big box stores usually can't offer any of the benefits mentioned above.  You may be able to save a few bucks today but Craig's List is full of "mistakes". 

Happy paddling,
Kristen and Ted Nielander, Owners

We carry new and used kayaks for fishing, fitness, touring, & exploring.  
We also offer  the best accessories to make your paddling safer and more comfortable.  

At only 41 lbs  the Eddyline Skylark features a roomy cockpit and  is stable enough for beginners  but with enough performance to keep up on a group paddle.  This is a rec kayak with sea

kayak features.  Demos available by appointment



What makes Eddyline kayaks different?

Eddyline has been designing and building quality light weight kayaks for over 40 years.  Each kayak is designed with a different customer or purpose in mind but all are designed to be comfortable and to perform like boats that are much more expensive.  Every Eddyline kayak is built to be light, and yet tough enough to last for many years of use.

In 1996  Eddyline  pioneered the building of kayaks using  the thermo-form process.   Plastic sheets are made using Eddyline's proprietary formula called Carbonlite 2000 which looks and performs like fiberglass and has distinct advantages over the plastic used in most kayaks.  Carbonlite 2000 is about 30% lighter than polyethylene, is not prone to oil canning(denting), and is highly abrasion and impact resistant.  The shiny hard shell finish is also very UV resistant and easily repairable. 

Eddyline is also committed to building kayaks in an environmentally responsible manner.  No waste is created since the scrap plastic is recycled.  After a long life of paddling your Eddyline kayak is almost 100% recyclable.




We invite you to join the Eddyline Family. 

Here at Native Water Sports we are proud to be a member of the Eddyline family of dealers.  We think you will be just as proud to paddle one.  Their commitment to quality, service, and performance fits perfectly with our philosophy on and off the water.  "Paddle like a Native"   


How it all began.  Take a few minutes to watch the story.

The Caribbean Sit On Top is available in two sizes.  The 12' weighs in at only 45 lbs while the 14' tips the scales at 50 lbs.  The special gull wing hull creates a kayak with great glide and tracking  but with surprising stability.. Many options are available including the popular  angler package and the Yak Attack anchor

trolley.  Demos available by appointment.

The best Paddle Boards here at NATIVE

AMUNDSON SUPsare designed by Hawaiian waterman &

shaper John Amundson. Looking for a SUP for fitness &

touring?.Be check out his TR series at

PAU HANA SUPsoffer many anchoring points for coolers & more. Check out the Big EZ Angler & the supertough new

"Richocet" construction at

AQUAGLIDE INFLATABLE SUPs offer easy transport and

storage.  Perfect if you live in a condo or can't put a hard

board on the roof of your car.  Inflatables are also very light

and durable.  See for more info.